How to get to the top of google search results

How to Get to the Top of Google Search Results

If you own a company, you’ll probably want to rank high on Google when customers type in particular keywords. According to HubSpot, 89% of US internet users search online before they make a purchase, even when the purchase is ultimately made at a local business. Looking at this you like your customers to find your company at the top of Google for queries related to the products or services you offer.

You are aware that individuals use search engines like Google to research products they are thinking about purchasing. You might be surprised to learn that consumers use the internet for research even when they plan to make a purchase at a physical store. Google is the primary source for anyone wanting to increase organic traffic. It searches the internet to find the web pages that are most helpful and relevant to its customers for just about any topic. Below is the list of pointers to know how to get to the top of google search results.

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1. Create content that adds value

Creating valuable, high-quality content that people will want to read and link to is one of the most important steps you can take to boost the ranking of your website. According to a Content Marketing Institute survey, 90% of the best content marketers prioritize providing their audience with the information they need. Your audience will stay on your site longer if your content provides value to them.

2. Concentrate on long-tail keywords

You must use keywords that appeal to qualified visitors who are most likely to find your website useful. Long-tail keywords offer the ideal chance to draw in the appropriate demographic. Unlike short-tail keywords, which only contain one or two words, they have three or more. Long-tail keyword phrases are useful since they are searched for by people with specific intentions. The long-tail keywords are brief and drive more conversions, these keywords are very specific and tries to answer the questions of the audience for what they are looking for.

3. Optimize your website for focus keywords

Now that your plans is in place, it’s time to start implementing it across your website, you can do it by yourself or hire an agency to optimize your website.  The critical optimization elements that help Google in understanding the subject matter of each page must be included on each page of your website. The following components of each internet page must be addressed with a single target keyword:

  • Page title (Between 50 to 60 characters)
  • Meta description (Under 155 characters)
  • H1 & H2 heading tag (Structure your content with heading and sub-heading)
  • Keyword in content (At least once, bolded)
  •  Add alt text for every image
  • Internal linking (Cross link other pages)

Note: Make your strategy simple to follow and include your keywords naturally, be careful not to overstuff any page.

4. Pay close attention to the competition

Since every website wants to rank highly in Google search results, there is a lot of competition in the SEO industry.  Therefore, you must always be one step ahead of your competitors if you want Google to rank your website higher. It is necessary to keep a close eye on your competitors, their present rank in search results, the keywords they are showing up for, etc.

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5. Improve your internal linking structure

You can develop a good site structure with the help of internal links. It makes it easier for Google to efficiently crawl every page on your website and list them in relevant search results. Therefore, you need to have a proper internal linking structure if you want to move your website to the top of Google’s search results. The ideal website structure, according to Moz, is a pyramid with few links connecting the homepage to additional pages. The homepage will instead link to primary category pages, which will then link to product pages.

Website internal linking structure
Image source: Moz

6. Create quality Content frequently

Content is king for SEO, the content is what you rank so you should be spending more time in creating high quality content consistently.  It’s indeed clear that you need it to create high quality content regularly to improve the ranking.  If you regularly add new content to your website, you will have more pages available to rank highly in Google search results for a variety of keywords. But in order to beat out the competition, your content must be reliable and helpful.

7. Improve page load speed

After July 2018 Google update, page speed has become an important ranking factors. Google has started priorities those websites which load faster. As previously stated, if your objective is to have your website appear at the top of Google search results, you cannot afford to disregard even the smallest ranking factors. A page that loads quickly improves user experience, which is likely to lower bounce rates. This might eventually help you rank better on Google’s search results. To see how quickly your website loads, use Google PageSpeed Insights. This tool not only analyses your website load time on desktop and mobile devices, but also highlights certain areas where you can make improvements.

8. Create quality links

When other websites cite your website as a reliable source to support their own information, this is known as an inbound link. The relevancy of your website on search engines can be significantly increased by acquiring links from 3rd party sites, partner sites, and respected industry sites. Guest blog posts are an excellent opportunity for getting quality links. Everyone benefits from guest postings, according to the concept. By posting to the host site’s blog instead of your own, you gain access to a whole new audience, your readers gain access to yet another piece of information that is relevant to their interests, and the host site gains a solid piece of quality content. You can get a high-quality inbound link that will boost your website’s ranks in search engines by including a well-placed link back to it.

9. Rank at top of the Google search results with effective PPC strategy

You can rank your website on top of the google search result page for certain keywords with effective PPC strategy. This won’t help you rank your website directly but on the Google SERP page, you see search ads above regular organic results. You can outrank your competitors with PPC ads if you are not able to compete with SEO. Additionally, the more visitors your website receives as a consequence of increased visibility, the higher it will rank over time. Because of this, developing an integrated SEO and PPC strategy is essential if you want to rank your website well on Google. When the two tactics are used, your website can be greatly boosted, and your ranks will improve double.

10. Analyze, improve, and evaluate

Nothing you do will be perfect, therefore you must have a system for ongoing campaign-wide assessment. Analyze analytics frequently to track successes and failures. Spend more attention on the keywords that aren’t improving in google search enough and keep doing what worked before. As you progress, you’ll grow better, and there are countless excellent tools to assist you to strengthen your areas of weakness.

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Since now you know How to Get to the Top of Google Search Results you must invest in optimizing your website for SEO. For a page to be SEO-friendly and appear at the top of search results, your website needs to be optimized for SEO.

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