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Your Lifestyle Business is a blogging website owned by Jo Barnes. The website provides valuable information about lifestyle and business. Mrs. Jo Barnes the founder and owner of the website wanted to increase its user base, website traffic, and some keywords to rank on top of SERP. See how we helped the user base, website traffic, and Top Ranking!


Traffic growth in the very first month


Growth in page views


Organic growth in the very first months

About Your Lifestyle Business:-

Your Lifestyle Business is a well establish and well recognised website for lifestyle and business content. Jo Barnes is the owner of the website. Jo Barnes is a British born globe trotting, adventure seeking entrepreneur. She created the website to express herself and create a business or a level of income doing something you love, that gives you the freedom to live life by your own design! The website aims to provide valuable information about business, lifestyle and travel.

The website is well structured and all the articles are well written and informative. The website is structured in a SILO structure with the main categories i.e. Business, Lifestyle, and Travel. Under Business you have 4 sub-categories level Lifestyle, Amazon FBA, Ecommerce, and Blogging. Jo Barnes is very passionate about blogging and writing content and very particular about the website so herself curates all the content of the website and adds valuable insighful information and infographics. The website has been well received by the audience and is well performing. The source of major traffic on the website is from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Philippines, India, and Australia. People from all over the world visit the website to read gain knowledge. The website has become very popular and reliable in very short span of time. Below we will see how we helped Your Lifestyle Business to gain New Users, Traffic Increase and Top Rankings.

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The Challenges

One of the client’s biggest challenges was harnessing the full organic search potential of its website to drive new users increase traffic and ranks top for certain keywords in TOP of the SERP. The additional challenge is to structure the website and content and also to establish an impactful image for the audience. The website needs help with speed optimization, On-page optimization, and link building to gain New Users, Traffic Increase and Top Rankings.

The Challenges that solved by Improve Digitally
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The Solution

Improve Digitally services are centered on optimizing the client’s On-page SEO, Keywords research and optimizations and link building. The Improve Digitally SEO team started with keywords research and On-page optimization of Your Lifestyle Business website to improve the page quality and in the next step we audit the website and fix the technical part of SEO. Our team reviewed the company’s current international rankings in three different countries – the United States, the United Kingdom, and India since these countries are the largest sources of leads on. From there, we focused our link-building efforts to improve rankings in their highest priority regions. Our SEO experts developed and executed a targeted link building campaign to increase the client’s domain and page authority for the specific category and product pages that we needed to rank.

Result & Business Impact

Improve Digitally SEO service efforts helped gain New Users, Traffic Increase and Top Rankings of the client’s website digital presence and positioned its website in front of high-converting audience segments. With increased online visibility, the company generated more clicks, impressions and conversions for its high-priority keywords. Within first 6 months of the launch of the SEO campaign, our team has helped drive 170% traffic growth in very first month of our service. Our SEO campaign has also generated the following results month-over-month (MoM):

Organic Traffic: +178%
Total Traffic Sessions: +152%
Pageviews: +131%
Top Ranking: +29%

SEO services results with Improve Digitally
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