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Femme Pharma started as a pharmaceutical research and development company has grown in its desire to be a partner for women who want to feel their best. The company develops a range of products that safely and effectively alleviate the symptoms of shifting hormones the products are of the highest quality available without a prescription, created by women for women. See how PPC Ads campaigns helped the company drive more sales and revenue.


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About Femme Pharma:-

Femme Pharma, which initially focused on pharmaceutical research and development, has developed a stronger commitment to support women who want to feel their best. The company creates a variety of products of the best quality that can be obtained without a prescription, developed by women for women, that safely and efficiently reduce the symptoms of shifting hormones. Femme Pharma offers women relief from menopause symptoms with products they can rely on thanks to pharmaceutical-grade chemicals, stringent product manufacturing (GMP) standards, and a dedication to personalized service.

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The Challenges

One of the client’s most significant challenges was to increase the sales knowing the fact that the products are very niche oriented also limited and various guidelines. So it is always a challenging thing to reach out to the apt customers. Targeting is crucial in this case to increase sales volume and revenue. The additional challenge is to establish a brand image in customers because the product is health-related. Hence, the brand image becomes very important from the purchasing point of view for a customer. Our PPC team helped Femme Pharma in setting up campaigns, market research, targeting, and optimizing the ads campaigns for cutting-edge PPC results.

The Challenges that solved by Improve Digitally
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The Solution

Improve Digitally services are centered on making strategy, setting up Google ads campaigns, optimizing and targeting. The Improve Digitally PPC team started with keywords research, setting up ads campaigns and optimization to improve the product visibility and reching out to the apt customers. In the next step we audit the account and fix the errors. Our team reviewed the company’s current campaigns strategy and focuses on ads targeting and bringing in sales.

Result & Business Impact

Improve Digitally PPC service efforts helped Femme Pharma in increasing sales, optimization score, targeting and ultimately revenue. Our integrated cross channel online marketing efforts using different PPC management services helped the company drive great results across the the accounts. The results through Google Ads are as follows:

Account Spend: -46%
Average Position on Search Engine Results Pages: +73%
Average CPC: -5.2%
Click-Through Rate: +148%
Cost-Per-Acquisition: -41%
Search Spend: -31%
Overall Conversion Rate: +11%
Google Shopping Conversions: +72%

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